Benefits of Drug Free Treatments

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When was the last time you woke up and spent your entire day without any medication at all? No over the counter pain relievers, no prescription drugs for every known ailment or just to perform better. For most of us this would be difficult to answer. We have been persuaded that medications and drugs are a needed and useful part of life. For some people with extreme medical diseases, this is probably true. But for many things in life like, depression, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, pain and lethargy what if there was a way to improve all these less than desirable conditions without popping a pill. It is possible and there are very concrete benefits of drug free treatments. Let’s review a few alternatives.

Stop Letting Sciatica Control your Life

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If you have felt sharp pain that runs from your backside down your leg, you are already aware that nothing seems to help, not moving, changing position, walking or sitting. It is a nagging and man suffering with pain in legdisruptive pain which interferes with work and play. Sometimes it is accompanied with numbness, tingling in your leg, pins and needles and pain all the way down to your feet. If you have had it once, the chances are good, you will experience it again. It is called sciatica and if you are ready to make the decision to stop letting sciatica control your life, then read further as we explain what sciatica is and is not. Then we will give you some non-surgical treatment options.

Tips to Ease Lower Back Pain from Sitting at your Desk

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If you are like the millions of employed Canadians who spend their days glued to a computer or laptop, then we don’t really have to tell you about lower back pain from sitting at your desk. You Back Painknow what it is and what it feels like. You may think it just goes with the territory of working in today’s technological age. Computers are not going anywhere and we are more reliant on them than ever before. They are supposed to make our work processes more efficient and allow us to accomplish more, but when your lower back hurts, productivity does as well. Don’t give up. There are some tips to ease lower back pain from sitting at your desk, and we will list some for you here.

Break the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain

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We all know that feeling. It’s that quick piercing pain in our lower back which at times can incapacitate us. We can’t drive, move, walk and any position we think will help ease the pain, doesn’t. A Man lifting heavy boxlot of the time we know exactly what we did to bring it on. Yet here we are again, in pain. If this sounds like you, at least it is some consolation to know you are not alone. Many people regardless of their age suffer from back pain, especially lower back pain. If you are ready to break the cycle of chronic back pain, read on for some information and insights about causes and remedies.

The Stress Epidemic

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It’s not a surprise to anyone that the stress in our lives has morphed into a stress epidemic. Although we should be enjoying all the technological advances in communication that make our lives easier, instead we seem to have just piled on more to do, not less. The fact that we can communicate so much faster and easier just adds to our non-stop, “to do list.”

Why Sitting Properly Should Matter to You

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We spend a good portion of our days sitting; you’re probably even doing it right now. The way we sit and the amount of time we spend sitting, can impact the condition of our spines and our overall health in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most common health problems sitting incorrectly can cause and how you can improve your posture to prevent them.

Is Spinal Decompression Therapy the Answer to Your Chronic Pain?

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If you wake up every morning with back pain, spend your day taking medications you hope will give you relief, and are avoiding your favorite activities, then maybe spinal decompression therapy is the answer to your chronic pain. You may not even remember when this unrelenting discomfort began or what might have caused it. You just know it is affecting your life with your family and your productivity at work, not a good combination. Don’t spend your life missing out on precious time with your family and friends because you are suffering from back or neck pain. Let us explain why you are experiencing this pain and how spinal decompression therapy may be the answer to your chronic pain.

Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Back

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It is estimated that about 80 percent of the North American population is negatively affected by back pain. Most of us have experienced acute back pain at some point in our lives, but for many, back pain is a chronic problem. Our spine is the dominant support structure for our entire upper body and is constantly being subjected to stress, strain and abuse. Our spinal cord does a lot for us, aside from holding us upright, it also houses our central nervous system and it is essentially the highway for information sent between our bodies and our brains. It’s a pretty complex system, with a very important job, which is why we should take good care of it with chiropractic therapy. Here are some of the simple everyday habits we have that may be negatively impacting our spines.

Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining a Healthy Spine

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At one point or another, we all experience the effects of vertebral subluxation. Subluxation of the spine is when vertebrae are moved out of their proper position and create pressure on the spine and nervous system. Our nervous systems stem from our brains and run down our backs, protected only by our spines. When misaligned vertebrae begin creating pressure on nerves they can cause irritation and them to malfunction by intercepting messages from the brain to the rest of the body.

How to Reduce Back Pain with a Healthy Diet

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Chronic back pain is a very common problem and there could be various factors contributing to its cause. Working toward reducing inflammation and improving your overall health is just one of the ways you can decrease your daily aches and pains.