Break the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain

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We all know that feeling. It’s that quick piercing pain in our lower back which at times can incapacitate us. We can’t drive, move, walk and any position we think will help ease the pain, doesn’t. A Man lifting heavy boxlot of the time we know exactly what we did to bring it on. Yet here we are again, in pain. If this sounds like you, at least it is some consolation to know you are not alone. Many people regardless of their age suffer from back pain, especially lower back pain. If you are ready to break the cycle of chronic back pain, read on for some information and insights about causes and remedies.

Some Everyday Activities and Circumstances that Lead To Chronic Back Pain

  •  Our job plays a major role. If we are employed in a job that requires us to lift heavy objects, carry heavy objects or worse yet, lift a heavy object and then twist our back, this is a big pain just waiting to happen. Muscle strains and more serious conditions like disc bulges and sciatica can result. If our job is one where we sit at a computer for the better part of the day, this prolonged sedentary position can induce lower back pain and other physical consequences as well. Sitting at a desk all day hunched over a computer puts undo pressure on your spine and lower back and can perpetuate the cycle of chronic back pain
  • Carrying around too much weight is an issue. This can mean on our bodies and our person. Namely, if we daily transport a heavy briefcase, backpack, or even handbag we are putting undue pressure on our neck, shoulders and back all leading to pain. Likewise, if we are carrying around unnecessary pounds on our bodies, this can greatly contribute to chronic back pain. Addressing the first one is easily corrected. The second example may be harder to accomplish but will provide amazing benefits.
  • Stress in general can contribute to back pain. Most of us experience stress every day so any way you can control your level of stress is a stride toward a healthier and pain free you.

Your To Do List:

1. Exercise regularly.
2. Lift with your legs not your back.
3. Improve your work station to be more ergonomically correct.
4. Pay attention to your posture while sitting at your desk.
5. Give yourself a break, and don’t repeat the computer obsession at night.
6. Maintain a healthy life style and healthy weight.
7. Consider yoga.
8. Find a professional chiropractic practitioner like those at Back On Track Wellness and schedule an assessment of your chronic back pain.
9. Ask the Doctors at Back On Track Wellness whether massage, spinal manipulation or acupuncture might be the best way to break the cycle of chronic back pain.

Contact Back On Track Wellness today to see how we can help you – and your back!

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