Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be an extremely beautiful time for a woman. It can also take a toll on her body. Through gaining weight with the baby, your belly can start to pull on your spine, stretching it into new positions. Additionally, many women experience nausea, heartburn, back pain and sciatica, just to name a few symptoms. At Back on Track Wellness, we understand the aches and pains associated with being pregnant. The good news is that chiropractic care can provide lasting solutions for expectant mothers and even help ease the birthing process.

Safe, Natural Treatment

During pregnancy, women are warned about taking certain medications and even engaging in certain activities. That is what makes chiropractic care such a wonderful option; we employ all-natural methods of healing. By bringing your spine and pelvis back into alignment through gentle adjustments, we can help:

  • Take the strain off your joints, shoulders, back and legs
  • Open the pelvis to create more room for the developing baby
  • Ease any difficulty you have had breathing because of poor posture

Easing the Birth Process

When you are preparing for childbirth, you may have concerns about the position of your baby. An infant that is breech or even transverse can result in a difficult labor and even a Cesarean section. There is a chiropractic treatment known as the Webster method that helps put your baby in an optimal birthing position. The method has an extremely high success rate upward of 95 percent when it comes to turning babies in breech positions.

We also offer help for expectant mothers who have gone past their due date and are anxious to go into labor. Acupuncture is a safe and effective alternative to Pitocin or other labor-inducing medications. Our physicians have had great success in helping women have safe deliveries.

Caring for Your Infant

Infants can also benefit from the right chiropractic care. We offer gentle adjustments to help bring a baby’s spine back into alignment after birth. The journey through the birth canal can put stress on a baby’s neck and head, even misshaping his or her head for a few days or weeks after birth. A misaligned spine has been linked to:

  • Issues feeding
  • Spitting up
  • Colic
  • Constipation

Our goal is to help families feel their best. That is why we work hard to provide the best care for pregnant women and new babies. At Back on Track Wellness, we understand that this time of transition is exciting but also has its share of aches and pains. Let us help you enjoy your pregnancy, childbirth and mothering. Give us a call today at (905) 319-6606.



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