Innovative Treatment for Shoulder Problems

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ShoulderWe use our shoulders, especially our rotator cuffs, for a variety of daily tasks (not to mention most sports and recreational activities). Until you’ve dealt with a shoulder injury, it can be difficult to understand how often you use this vital body part, and how bothersome a shoulder injury can be. Some people who suffer from shoulder pain find it difficult to sleep through the night, and parents of small children may be unable to hold their little ones in their arms.

A Proven Method for Coping with Shoulder Pain

Thankfully, shockwave therapy may help people who are suffering from the intense pain of a shoulder problem. People who are coping with calcific tendonitis or other debilitating shoulder injuries find that after trying several traditional treatments, such as physiotherapy, shockwave treatment is the most effective way of treating their shoulder pain.

In fact, between 75 and 91 percent of patients reported significant improvement after shockwave therapy, even after they’ve suffered from chronic pain and stiffness for several years.

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

Through the new technology, people facing problems with their musculoskeletal system receive short, intense energy waves that jumpstart the healing process. The waves travel quickly, which stimulates blood flow to the area, encouraging the tissue to heal.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may be on your way to recovery with just three weekly treatments. However, some people who suffer from long-term pain may need as many as six treatments. Regardless of the number of treatments you require, shockwave therapy enables the body to heal on its own long after you’ve completed the last treatment. This process continues for six to 18 weeks after treatment.

What Else Can Shockwave Therapy Help With?

In addition to shoulder problems, shockwave therapy can also treat golfer’s/ tennis elbow. Although the name suggests that golfers and tennis players face this condition most often, it can also affect baseball players, gardeners, and office workers, essentially anyone performing a repeated arm movement on a regular basis.

Shockwave therapy can also help people with knee and foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis. In fact, studies have shown that 90 percent of people who receive shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis have experienced positive results.

Live Pain-Free Today

Living with shoulder pain can be incredibly inconvenient, and for some people it may even become unbearable. Rather than relying on traditional methods, which are not always effective, call Back on Track Wellness and set up a diagnostic appointment today!

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