Why would my child need chiropractic? She doesn’t have back problems!

Parents go to great lengths to ensure the health of their children – they feed them balanced meals, encourage children to exercise, and bring their children in for regular dental, vision and hearing check-ups. But most parents don’t know that a periodic checkup of the nervous system is vital to your child’s health. The nervous system controls and coordinates each part of your child’s development, so as your child rapidly grows and changes it is necessary that this nervous system be free from interference.

Why would children have nervous system interference, or subluxations?

A child’s first subluxation often occurs at birth. The modern birth process is very traumatic, often putting a large strain on the tender neck of a newborn. According to Dr. Gutmann, a medical doctor in Europe,
Childrenover 80% of the 1000+ infants he saw were out of autonomic balance. This means that their upper neck had blockages, which have been shown to lead to excessive crying, sleeplessness, difficulty nursing, as well as lowered resistance to ear, nose, and throat infections. Sound like any children you know?

After birth, children continue to stress their spines. Though children are resilient, the constant exposure to physical stress (falls, heavy backpacks, poor posture, etc.), chemical stress (impure air & water, poor nutrition), and emotional stress impairs the nervous system’s ability to do its job. If left untreated, over time subluxations can lead to back pain, headaches, or may even be linked to or contribute to such conditions as asthma, colic, or ADD.

What happens if you find a subluxation in my child’s spine?

A chiropractic adjustment restores balance in the nervous system, allowing your child’s body to express its fullest potential for health. With proper training and technique modification, adjusting kids is very safe – one study showed no complications in 600 treatments! At Back on Track Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, it is our passion to help EVERY member of the family express vibrant health, especially the littlest ones. We have adjusted children of all ages – from a few minutes old to teenagers!