Regain Your Health With Acupuncture

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Regain Your Health With Acupuncture

Practiced for more than 2500 years, acupuncture is used to treat health problems by inserting thin needles directly into the skin. Acupuncture works by directing a body’s immune system towards the source of a problem by increasing circulation and stimulating endorphin levels. More people than ever are choosing acupuncture to improve their health because of the benefits provided by holistic natural solutions.

How safe is acupuncture?

One reason people are hesitant to explore the benefits of acupuncture is they may have concerns about the safety of the procedure. Studies have shown that acupuncture is completely safe and causes no adverse effects when administered properly by trained professionals in a health care setting. Back on Track Wellness uses the latest equipment and technology to ensure patients receive care from experienced providers in a controlled and clean environment.

Treatment Comparisons

Traditional Western medical solutions typically involve the use of prescription medications that introduce foreign substances into your body. Health problems such as chronic stress and anxiety are typically temporarily ‘fixed’ with medication that comes with a number of side effects. Acupuncture, however, can address the same concerns without resorting to a method that brings its own set of issues along with the treatment. As people everywhere are embracing the safety of natural health solutions, acupuncture can help individuals with a number of problems, including infections, mental health issues, and even skin conditions.

What is it like to receive treatment?

Current technology allows the use of charged needles that control the flow of small amounts of electricity through the needles which are safely and painlessly inserted into your body. The needles are sterile and do not cause discomfort.

Before treatment is administered, information about your health and your concerns are collected as they would be at any other medical appointment. Your provider will discuss your goals with you, and together you will develop an integrated approach that combines the benefits of acupuncture with other natural alternatives.

Well-Rounded Solutions

The benefits provided by acupuncture work best when a person is ready to make lifestyle changes in addition to receiving treatment. Acupuncture and other natural health solutions are not the only part of improving your health, and you should still consult a medical doctor about your health concerns. Instead, use acupuncture to supplement traditional treatments and avoid the costly toll prescription medications and synthetic substances can take on your body.

Acupuncture can benefit anyone regardless of their state of health, as it reduces the physical and mental tensions that are part of living in the world today. Contact Back on Track Wellness to schedule a diagnostic appointment to learn more about how acupuncture can help you improve your health and your life.

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