Tennis elbow is an overuse injury of the forearm muscles that extend the wrist. It is common among racquet sports and manual workers however can affect anyone who repetitively uses their arm or hand. Common symptoms include pain around the outer elbow usually made worse by gripping, lifting and moving the wrist backwards.

As this is an overuse injury, it is caused by repetitive movements of the wrist. The repetitive action of the forearm muscles causes stress at their insertion point, which is the outer elbow bone. Over time this can lead to muscle and tendon breakdown, hence the reason it is so painful!

Physiotherapy treatment for this condition aims to relieve pain, unload the overused muscles, improve the healing process, strengthen and correct the muscles, and prevent the injury from occurring again. Treatment can include massage and trigger points to the involved muscles, exercises and stretches, joint mobilization, electrotherapy, ice or heat, taping, grip technique correction and equipment prescription.