Discover Spinetrack, the Non-Surgical Treatment Program

Are you experiencing back and neck pain and feel like you have tried every option for relief?

Dr. William Heidary has taken the knowledge he has gathered in his over 18 years of practice and has put together Spinetrack – a non-surgical treatment program. Spinetrack utilizes the best of tired and true methods along with new state of the art technology. Many of the approaches utilized by Spinetrack are highly successful in reducing and eliminating back and neck pain. Dr. Heidary developed Spinetrack after seeing thousands of patients suffering with back and neck pain with very little results. He wanted to provide pain suffers with an individualized and easy to follow treatment program for patients to reclaim their quality of life.

Dr. Heidary’s Spinetrack has combined various treatments into one successful program to promote healing and maintain wellness. The revolutionary Spinetrack program is highly successful in reducing and often eliminating back and neck pain. The Spinetrack treatment plan recommends a number of therapies which assist in eliminating back and neck pain. The multiple therapies in the Spinetrack program are specially designed to meet the needs of your individual diagnosis. Upon the successful completion of your Spinetrack treatment plan you have the opportunity to regain a pain-free life!

Dr. Heidary recommends considering Spinetrack as an alternated approach to surgical interventions. If you or someone you know is needlessly suffering with back and neck pain, call Dr. Heidary’s office today, to join us for our Spinetrack information seminar. You too could be one of Spinetrack’s success stories.


What is Spinetrack?

While many people encounter back and neck pain throughout their lives, some are able to get back to daily activities rather quickly. Others however suffer with devastating pain that keeps them from enjoying life. Here at Back on Track Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, we offer alternatives to those who find themselves suffering with daily pain.

Dr. William Heidary has culminated his 18 years of clinical expertise to develop Spinetrack. After consulting thousands of patients who have had little to no success with conventional treatments, Dr. Heidary recognized a need for a comprehensive treatment program to accomplish pain relief, stabilization, and strengthening. Spinetrack is a customized non-surgical treatment program designed to reduce and eliminate back and neck pain. Spinetrack combines tried and true methods along with new state of the art technology to achieve pain relief.


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