Conditions – Spinal Decompression Therapy

Degenerative Disc Disease

Discs are cartilage in between the vertebrae in your spine. Motion occurs in this area causing disks to lose their water content and degenerate. Degenerative disc disease is a state of dehydration and deterioration marked by the gradual erosion of the disc’s ability to distribute and resist mechanical loads. As discs deteriorate, they become more prone to injury from physical stress.

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Facet Syndrome

Facet Syndrome is defined as an irritation of one or more of the joints on the back of the spinal vertebrae. Facets are the posterior joints of the spine that aid in keeping the vertebrae aligned. Facet syndrome can result from injury or degeneration of the disc and is characterized by pain, stiffness and inflammation. The pain generally increases with motion and is relieved by rest.

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Herniated or Bulging Disc

Herniated or bulging discs are a condition where a portion of the gel-like center of the disc pops out of place and bulges into the spinal canal. This can cause mechanical pressure on neighbouring structures and trigger chemical reactions resulting in pain and inflammation. These changes will often irritate the nerves producing numbness or tingling in the legs or feet.

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Sciatic nerve impingement, commonly referred to as ‘sciatica’ is a condition often associated with a herniated or ruptured disc. When the injured disc impinges one of the spinal nerves leading to the sciatic nerve, it produces a
shock-like pain that travels through the buttocks and down the leg to below the knee. Tingling and numbness are common in this condition. “Sciatica” can occur suddenly, or develop gradually. The pain and symptoms of “sciatica” can be intensified by coughing, sneezing or sitting

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