What will my Spinetrack program look like?

Your Spinetrack program will be custom designed by Dr. Heidary for you. Dr. Heidary will look at the various therapies that could benefit you and will create a program best suited to your condition.

There are 3 different lengths of the Spinetrack program that Dr. Heidary will recommend depending on the severity of your condition. A six week, eight week or twelve week protocol will be recommended once Dr. Heidary has performed a comprehensive orthopaedic and neurological examination along with reviewing your specific imaging and diagnostic tests. He will review his findings in a personal consultation to explain the Spinetrack program he is designing for you.

Dr. Heidary’s Spinetrack has combined various treatments into one successful program to promote healing and maintain wellness. Spinetrack program are specially designed to meet the needs of a person’s individual condition. Upon the successful completion of your Spinetrack treatment plan you have the opportunity to regain a pain-free life!