Treating Autistic Kids With Chiropractic Care

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A condition that causes neurological deficits in your child, autism can manifest in a number of ways.  Many patients experience delayed speech and repetitive mannerisms. There is still much researchers are learning about autism spectrum disorder, and more and more studies are showing that chiropractic care can help. At Back on Track Wellness, we understand that your child has unique needs, and we think our treatment methods are a part of the solution.

How We Help

A core practice in chiropractic care is to locate any interferences in the central nervous system. This system is a delicate network that controls just about all of your body’s functions. Because autism spectrum disorder is linked to neurological difficulties, isolating and mitigating those interferences may help ease symptoms associated with autism.

When we meet with your child, we will thoroughly examine him or her to determine his or her:

  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Neurological status
  • Stressors

Using cutting edge technology, we can locate areas in which your child’s nervous system appears to be under stress. In many cases of autism spectrum disorder, we find those interferences in the atlas, which is the first bone in the neck. Once we get all the results from your child’s testing, we will develop a customized, comprehensive plan for treatment.

Providing Solutions

All of our solutions are based around research that shows that the nervous system is linked with the spinal column. When that system is compromised, it can result in a number of complications, including the patient having a hard time communicating. It can also manifest in slowed developmental growth. Our physicians believe that given the right environment, the body is able to actually heal itself. Working with you and your child, our team will identify stressors and disturbances and come up with ways to eradicate them. This may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Suggesting sensory-based therapy
  • Making recommendations for proper nutrition

Our doctors will give you action items to do at home as well as explain in-office procedures that will help your child. Our treatment methods are safe and all-natural, and we have found a high success rate with them. Before starting any treatment, we will consult with your child’s physician to ensure we are all on the same page with his or her care.

At Back on Track Wellness, one of our goals is to provide support for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. Our physicians handle all of our patients with empathy and respect. We believe we can help your child through providing safe and effective chiropractic care. To learn more about what we can do for your child, please call us today at (905) 319-6606.


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