Treating Children With ADHD

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ADHDTreating Children With ADHD

Hyperactive children everywhere are increasingly diagnosed with ADHD. The signs and symptoms of ADHD are well known; trouble sitting still, constant movement, and issues with concentration are common indicators there may be a problem. However, many children without ADHD also behave this way. With increased awareness of ADHD, the use of prescription medication such as Ritalin in children is growing exponentially. A study conducted by the University of California Berkeley determined that in a ten year period, the use of medication to treat ADHD increased by 274%.

There is no standard test to diagnose or confirm ADHD. Instead, children are evaluated by medical professionals using a set of criteria. Then, the first response to a diagnosis is generally prescription medication. However, there are other options available to treat ADHD that do not require giving your child a psychotropic drug. For instance, as ADHD is a neurological disturbance, chiropractic care can help by locating physical problems and treating the issues naturally.

Drawbacks of Prescription Medication

When a child is given a prescription medication to treat ADHD, a trade-off takes place. In the short term, hyperactive behavior can be controlled in certain situations, but at the cost of damaging a child’s developing brain. The long-term use of certain medications can lead to issues in adolescence and into adulthood. According to studies completed by experts, neurological changes can cause depression that emerges in full force during puberty. With children as young as three years old being prescribed medication for ADHD, many professionals are taking a step back and re-evaluating the side effects.

As the medical community becomes more aware of the risks associated with the use of prescription medication to treat ADHD, parents are turning to other natural solutions to help their children.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Prescription medication is not intended to treat ADHD in the traditional sense. Instead, it is used to mask symptoms and indefinitely chain a child to the medication. Some children stay on the medication into adulthood, and they learn to rely on the medication to help them accomplish anything in their lives. To avoid taking your child down this path, instead consider alternative treatments.

ADHD treatment plans like those offered at Back on Track Wellness are comprehensive and help your child improve their lives in a way that resolves the source of problems instead of declaring them unresolvable. First, your child will be evaluated using technology that scans the nervous system to locate subluxations that indicate neurological issues. Once the presence of any disturbances is confirmed, chiropractic treatment can begin. In tandem with better nutrition and the use of amino acid therapy, the removal of subluxations in the neck can help your child’s body heal itself.

With chiropractic treatments for ADHD, you can resist the temporary solutions provided by prescription medication and save your child’s developing brain. To find out more, contact Back on Track Wellness at 905-319-6606, or through email at

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