Understanding Power Plate Fitness

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Of all of the reasons people make to avoid exercise, perhaps the most common is that they simply do not have time. At Back on Track Wellness, we understand that your busy lifestyle may not leave a few hours every day or even every week for you to break a sweat. That is why we are proud to offer our patients Power Plate fitness, which uses cutting-edge technology to provide you an extremely quick and effective workout.

How It Works

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to spend hours at the gym to build muscle or lose weight. In fact, a recent study noted that short, high-intensity exercises can actually be more effective than traditional workouts. The Power Plate system uses a trademarked Advanced Vibration Technology that:

  • Simulates your muscles up to 50 times a second
  • Works as much as 98 percent of your muscle (traditional strength exercise targets about 20 percent)
  • Improves tone and balance
  • Reduces body fat

The equipment itself is a plate on which participants typically stand in different positions. As a beginner, you may hold a position for about 30 seconds before switching to a new one. You can eventually work your way into holding positions longer. Some research is showing that spending just 10 minutes on the Power Plate equipment is as effective as spending 60 minutes doing traditional exercises.

The system works because of this simple physics equation: force equals mass times acceleration. In traditional strength training, weights and dumbbells are the mass part of the equation. In Power Plate fitness, we focus on the other part of the equation: acceleration. This provides for a workout that is easy on your joints, making this an ideal solution for people who are injured.

How We Help

At Back on Track Wellness, we have a certified trainer who helps guide our patients through Power Plate workouts no matter what their level of experience is. She can instruct you on:

  • The correct body positions required to develop muscle tone and strength
  • How long you should be on the equipment
  • Combining Power Plate fitness with massage and other forms of exercise for the best results

Everyone is different and has different fitness goals. Our trainer will customize a plan for you in order to determine what your expectations are. If you want to lose weight, build muscle or increase muscle tone, Power Plate technology provides an excellent solution. You can start exploring your options for comprehensive health solutions by contacting one of our team members today. We provide free initial consultations for all of our patients. Call us at (905) 319-6606.

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