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Our COVID-19 Policy and Changes

Statement from the Doctors

As leaders in our community, we at Back on Track have taken the threat of COVID-19 very seriously.  

Prior to any government mandated lockdown, we felt it important to set an example for other businesses in the community, and we closed our doors to help stop the spread and do our part.  The health of our patients, practitioners, and staff is our responsibility.  During the initial lockdown, we made more than several policy changes at our clinic.  We want all of our current and new patients to feel more comfortable in our office, than perhaps anywhere else outside of their home.  We have added this page to highlight our policy changes.

As a result of the OFTEN changing rules and restrictions, we are constantly adding to the safety in our clinic - rather than merely responding to the changing environment surrounding COVID.  


We want to make you healthy, and pain-free.  We have been serving the community for 25+ years.  We've always been here for you, and we will continue to be.  You are our responsibility, and we take that responsibility very seriously.  We are here for you.

In times like these, you need places and professionals that you can trust with the health of you and your family.  Thats exactly what you will find here, at Back on Track Chiropractic and Wellness.  We take the trust that you have given us very seriously, and we always will.

Driver Phone Bluetooth


To limit the number of people in the reception area at one time, and to encourage social distancing, we will have a 'virtual waiting room'.

This is easy!  When you get here, there is no need to get out of your car - and certainly no need to sign in at the front desk.  

We ask that you kindly text our front desk at (289) 275-6615, and text "__(name)__, here for my appointment".

Our AMAZING front desk staff will then let you know when you can come into the office and head straight to a treatment room!


Pre-Screen, SanitizE, and FACE COVER

BEFORE entering the clinic, we ask that all patients pre-screen themselves.  If you are experiencing any symptoms, then we kindly ask that you wait the symptoms out and come another day - when we would gladly see you!  If you are unsure of the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, please refer to the government website for self assessment:

Once you enter, please sanitize your hands immediately - and often!  There will be a sanitation station set up immediately when you enter, and in each treatment room. 

As a matter of policy - to protect our patients and our staff, we ask ALL patients in the building to wear a face covering.  

Changes to the office

We have made more changes to the office than we could possibly list, however here are some highlights:

  • We have re-upholstered ALL chairs and tables, so that they are no longer fabric - making it easier to clean regularly.

  • All towels/soap stations in bathrooms are now touch free

  • Single direction traffic throughout the office to limit close contact between patients

  • Sanitization stations in every room

  • Mandatory sanitization of all tables in between patients

  • Plexiglass for our staff at the front desk, and all practitioners will wear visors and masks (if we keep our staff safe, that keeps you safe!)

  • Strict staff policy to not enter the office if any symptoms are present

  • Scheduled staff sanitization of common surfaces every hour

  • Disposable pillow cases/table coverings where necessary

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