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Getting Started

Congratulations on scheduling your initial visit at Back on Track Chiropractic and Wellness Centre!  You are probably wondering what happens next…  The following page will help you feel at ease during your first few chiropractic appointments.

Patient History

Prior to your initial consultation, you will be asked to fill out forms that provide the doctor with some background information on your symptoms, conditions and lifestyle.  You can find some of our health history forms below, if you wish to print and fill them out prior to your visit.  Some of the questions we ask in our office are:

  • Is this a wellness check-up or do you have a specific concern?

  • What is your major complaint? Please describe.

  • Is the condition interfering with work, sleep and/or hobbies?

You may also be asked to provide family medical history, any pre-existing medical conditions, injuries etc.   When applicable, bring with you any copies of previous tests (for example, MRI or X-rays).

During your first visit, we want you to be confident in your decision to trust us with your health.  We have the highest rated chiropractors and practitioners in the city, and 25 years of practice behind us.  You can trust that with Back on Track, you have made the best decision for the health of you and your family.  If you have any questions or concerns at any point during this visit, please ask them!

Intake Forms
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